We’re both insanely passionate about what we do and we have a blast while we do it. If you’re looking for an amazing custom bridal experience then you’re looking at the perfect duo for the job!.

     We’d love to hear more about your big day and welcome the opportunity to chat! Drop us a DM to find out more about our packages and find out how we can help you look your best and have amazing heirloom photos of your best day ever!

  We are Humble & Grace Photography and Rachel Wall Hair. We’re a photography and hairstylist duo that specialize in all things wedding and bridal. We’d like to say that we met by chance but that is so not true!.

   Rachel - that’s me - the stylist component of the team had a dream that there could be an all inclusive and bomb wedding package that contained BOTH beauty services AND photography. All the dream needed was a photographer!

  That’s where Moriah comes into the picture (haha see what I did there 😂). I reached out to her for some styled collabs and the rest was history! We have so much work chemistry and our vibe is all fun and business.

About the Bride's Maids